Dobrodošli u Sunčane apartmane

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Sweet dreams in a fairyhouse

The Cottage originally dates from year 1881 and has long been the most eye-catching and sweetest structure of our garden. It was always a point of interest of both our private guests and the guests that rented the standard apartments.
First time it was renovated when our family acquired the estate, in 1995. However, 2016 marked the most recent and elaborate renovation of the cottage when we decided to officially market it as a rental.

It is a standalone cottage, that can accommodate up to three persons on one single and one double bed in the attic. In the case there is need for more sleeping space, there is a pull out sofa in the living that can fit two persons. The cottace offers all modern comfort having central heating as well as air conditioning in the attic. Its kitchenette is completely adapted to all you could need during a shorter stay (two rings stove, three stools, a refrigerator, microwave, Dolce Gusto coffee machine, water cooker). The kitchen as a project is presented very well on, where you can see how it was designed and built.
The bathroom is spacious since it was built as an addition to the back of the house. It has s shower, hair dryer, boiler for hot water.

All together, this space is of fragile nature, and is in fact romantic and is just right for persons who appreciate waking up in the sweet space like this. The only remark we need to mention is the fact that the cottage originally has raised tresholds and its staircase to the attic is windy and somewhat more difficult for toddlers and elderly persons.

Minimum stay is 2 nights.
Pets are not allowed.

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